Learn Swift Course Bugs

Hello fellow coders,

This is Sonny from Codecademy. I was the de facto team lead for the Learn Swift course.

Since the completion of the course, the Learn Swift team (me, Kenny, Galina, and Alex D) have fixed all of the 254 of the learn-reported bugs that came in. And I wanted to open a new direct channel for you to report bugs in the Codecademy Community.

Please let me know in the thread below if you see any typos, bugs, cheatsheet problems, etc. Thanks!



I’m not sure if this is just in my instance of the exercise, or if this is still happening for all users, but when I open up the Structured Gym Regimen project I am greeted with this screen:

If I click Ok and then open up the file browser, I find ExerciseRegimen.swift. It was like this when I originally went through the course, so I just went with it and completed the project in ExerciseRegimen.swift

It’s not a big deal to me, but I just want to double check that you saw this since not all users know you can open up the file explorer for some exercises.


yep @el_cocodrilo good catch! we made a change to the exercise file name a while ago. but all the learners who enter the exercise now should not get that popup. only the ones who started the exercise before we made the fix. sorry for the bug!


@el_cocodrilo, that’s on me :grimacing:, sorry about that!

Glad that you were able to work through the program though.

For anyone else who has their file named ExerciseRegimen.swift and is annoyed by that popup:

  • Click “Ok” to dismiss the popup.
  • Open the file directory (by clicking on the file icon in the top left of the Code Editor).
  • Right-click the file name (ExerciseRegimen.swift) and select Rename.
  • Remain the file to Exercise.swift.

Like Sonny mentioned, this should be fixed for anyone starting the project recently, but for anyone who’s worked on this project before we implemented the fix, that popup will show up.

Hope that helps and thanks for bringing it up for everyone else!


I’m at the very beginning (and already enjoy the course)–VARIABLES, it could’ve been overlooked or something I haven’t 'gotten" or gotten-to yet, etc. but:

In Swift concepts/theory/practice there are not ;'s [semi-colon] at the end of declarations. My first thought is Apple did away with them to save one step/nanosecond. CLEVER!

However, on ‘page 3,’ one of the hints shows the : at the end, though the examples do NOT have it.

Could this be because if we are not finished and are stilling going to print() something? Is it optional? If it is optional, would you recommend using it since it’s heavily used in JavaScript?

I did check Swift.org and do not see them and I tried with and without it, both seem to work.

Please feel free to delete this or move it, if it’s not an error–I actually came here just to satisfy my curiosity but found this and … the rest is history.

PS Sorry I am rambling, I excited and been alone and quarantined since March 21!

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hi @teraisa, nope that’s a bug! there shouldn’t be a ; in the end.


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