Learn secondary navigation


Hello again. im trying to center the Nav and keep it under the banner. im not sure where im going wrong with those two. please help.


Problem: The .breadcrumb ul css selector selects <ul> tags within any tag with a breadcrumb class. However, your <ul> IS the tag with a class="breadcrumb".

Solution: Change .breadcrumb ul { to .breadcrumb {. Alternatively, you can use ul.breadcrumb { to select any <ul> with a class of breadcrumb, but is not necessary.

Thanks! did you mean change it do “.bredcrumb li (not ‘ul’{}”

Not quite. Just .breadcrumb. Sorry, there was a typo in my original response.

ohhhhhhh thank you ill try that now

it works, thanks! now to get the nav out of the banner should i move it down in t he HTML

Yep. Right now your breadcrumb is nested inside the div class="jumbotron">, and thus renders over the jumbotron background-image, you want to move the entire <ul class="breadcrumb">...</ul> below it.


thanks. you were a BIG help.

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