Learn Ruby on Rails - Associations II - Warning when running rails new


I am learning Ruby on Rails and I am at the beginning of Associations II - Many to Many (https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-rails/lessons/many-to-many/exercises/many-to-many-many-to-many). When I run rails new in the command line it seems that it is creating all the files as always but at the end I get this warning:
You’re using Rubygems 2.0.14 with Spring. Upgrade to at least Rubygems 2.1.0 and run gem pristine --all for better startup performance.

  • bin/rake: spring inserted
  • bin/rails: spring inserted

After this if I try to cd MovieApp for example it says command not recognized.

Hello, try to run the update and run your commands again and see how it goes !