Learn React Advanced JSX: Right solution marked as wrong

Hi there. I was doing the Learn React course, and I came across what I think is a bug? I am on this particular exercise: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/react-101/lessons/react-jsx-advanced/exercises/jsx-event-listeners

I wrote my code for Step 2, which was quite simple. When I submitted it, it kept telling me it was wrong, so I checked the solution:

And they both look the same…? I’m kinda sleepy right now though, so please tell me if there actually is a difference between my code and the given solution :sweat_smile:

I’m using Microsoft Edge btw.

Yup, I agree, it looks as though your code is exactly the same. I recommend reporting a bug and I’ll do the same on my end.


Hey @vic-st and @yizuhi,

The solution is passing for me on my Mac (Firefox browser), so I’ll need your help to make sure my fix made any difference.

Could you try again now? If it still doesn’t pass, what error message are you seeing?