Learn Raspberry Pi Beta

Welcome to the beta test for Learn Raspberry Pi!

Why take this course?
Raspberry Pi is one of the most commonly used tools on the Makerspace community. It is a chance to add STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, Engineer, Math) content to the catalog.

To that end allow me to introduce @jaceva who worked to create this course. They’re here to answer any questions you have.

As a reminder you can find an explanation of the process for beta testing here.



Super exited for this course, doesn’t look like it appears for me just yet though:

Hopefully it pops up soon :smile:

From the past few betas it takes about an hour to a day. So I would just wait.

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So fast you beat us to the full launch. You should be seeing it now?


Indeed I can, thanks! Stoked for the course :grin: