Learn R Visualizing Carbon Dioxide Levels

Hi everyone,

Could someone help me with the Learn R: Fundamentals of Data Visualization with ggplot2 project?

I’m stuck on the the last 3 steps (16-18).

Step 16 states: Let’s highlight the rise in carbon dioxide levels by adding a horizontal line that represents the maximum level in the first chart spanning over 8,000 years of carbon dioxide data. On a new line of code in the block, create a new variable named millennia_max and retrieve the maximum value of the CO2_ppmv column in the noaa_data. Print the value so you can see what it is.

I coded
millennia_max ← max(noaa_data$CO2_ppmv)


and it comes back with
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): object ‘millenia_max’ not found

Thank you!

I haven’t looked at the project, but perhaps you have a typo.

In the code pasted by you, you have millennia_max in the first line, but millenia_max in the next line.

that was it thank you for pointing out that typo!

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