LEARN R Variance in Weather in R can't find function: %>%

Hi, I am running into a problem, I think it’s a bug. but when I use this code:

june ← london_data %>%

filter(month == “06”)

I get the error:
Error in london_data %>% filter(month == “06”): could not find function “%>%”

I think it’s a bug and I think it has to do with the packages, I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the packadges but that doesn’t work either.

Have you loaded in the package using library()? It’s not included in the code above so just want to make sure you are loading in the package, as if it isn’t loaded then it cannot be used.

yep, the tutorial code already includes library()

Would you be able to post your full script? Can make things a little easier to identify if there are alternate reasons before figuring out if it’s a bug.