Learn Python?


This python course is not on the catalog, yet I'm completing it, and it's the same interface as the Learn courses, but it's the exact same material as the regular python course.
Confused. :frowning:

Link: https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-python


Take the practice and get the points. It might affect your progress record, but then who's watching?


Will do. It just seemed mysterious to me because I had no idea it was there, but it will be good to redo it. :slight_smile:


Remember the old content is in transition. However, many people have written in that they want to keep the old interface for their classrooms. Something might be coming of the demand.


Good to know. I never really thought about that. I checked to see if ruby was the same way, and it is on the learn interface as well so I may end up redoing that, too. :slight_smile:


Not sure if this will last...

parrot = "Norwegian Blue"
print len(parrot)

import sys
print (sys.version)

2.7.3 (default, Dec 18 2014, 19:10:20) [GCC 4.6.3]


What hasn't been said yet is how important it is to have testers who are familiar with the past environments. When we report errors, it gets noticed.


That's really good to know, some places don't particularly pay attention to error reports. I will keep this in mind though. I understand that they do try to improve the interface and environments, so it's good that they care about what error reports are received.


Hi Kylea :slight_smile:

Yes, you've found the top-secret :grin: "Learn Python" and "Learn Ruby" courses that were temporarily changed over to the new interface a little while ago, then subsequently removed from the Catalog when the transition was postponed.

Like Roy has said, grab the points and get a great revision session done :slight_smile:

In fact, I rarely see people suggesting retaking courses which is a real shame. Unless you're already very familiar with the subject, I can't believe people who are completing 50, 75 or 100 exercises in a day are retaining very much information. Oh well, suppose it helps keep the forums active :slight_smile: