Learn python: pipenv

Hello people, I am at 18% in Computer Science Career Path, currently reading the article (https://www.codecademy.com/journeys/computer-science/paths/cscj-22-intro-to-programming/tracks/cscj-22-basic-python-data-structures-and-objects/modules/cscj-22-python-modules/articles/learn-python-pipenv) “Learn Python: pipenv” but having difficulty installing it. I tried following the steps taught in the video and also read some threads in the codecademy forums but my terminal always returns “zsh: command not found” when I enter "pipenv"or “pipenv --version”. Kindly volunteer your help, thanks!

We would need to know exactly how you installed pipenv. We know you’re on a Mac OS b/c you mentioned zsh.

But first, the answer might be found via :mag: This question gets asked a lot. There are at least 30+ topics on this issue for Macs.
Here or here or maybe here.

I thought that CC had updated the video with the bit about Macs using zshell(?) I guess not. :confused: If you do a quick search online, you would find that Macs switched to from bash shell to z shell (zsh) with Catalina. If you’re interested, I recommend doing some reading on that too.