Learn Python: pipenv

I have pipenv installed but when I type pipenv --version it says ‘command not found: pipenv’. I’m just confused about this whole pip/pipenv installation process.

I have two python versions installed in my machine. When I give command ‘% python – version’, it tells me ‘Python 2.7.16’. And for ‘% python3 – version’, it tells me ‘Python 3.7.3’.

For command ‘% pip – version’, it says ‘command not found: pip’. But for ‘% pip3 – version’, this is what I get
‘pip 19.0.3 from /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/Library/Frameworks/Python3.framework/Versions/3.7/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pip (python 3.7)’.

So my understanding is that I have pip3 installed but not pip.

Also, following the instructions in the video tutorial, I wasn’t able to install pipenv using ‘pip install --user pipenv’, it just said that ‘command not found: pip’. I had to use pip3 install --user pipenv to install pipenv.

I also updated the path in bash_profile and followed the rest of the instructions all along. After updating the bash_profile when I eventually typed pipenv --version, it still said command not found: pipenv, even though I have followed all the instructions.

What am I doing wrong?

Note: In my terminal, the shell prompt is % and not $, so would my path directory in bash_profile file would be ‘/Users/corey/Library/Python/3.7/bin:%PATH’ or ‘/Users/corey/Library/Python/3.7/bin:$PATH’

Sounds like you were able to install it, you just aren’t running it. Also, if pip belongs to python 2 then you probably shouldn’t be using it, you would use the pip that comes from your python 3 installation.

did you though? if you print out your PATH is the change there?
if you’re not using bash, then editing bash_profile will do nothing. edit whatever your shell runs instead