Learn Python Course worth it?


Should I take the ‘Learn Python’ course or should I try to find a Python 3 course on a different website? I had a brief look and it seems that Python 2.7 is a no-brainer to learn in 2018 and I should rather learn Python 3.

Is the difference big? If I can’t find a suitable Python3 course, should I still do the Python2 course and then find somewhere to ‘update my skills’ to Python 3?

Thanks for the advice.


a no-brainer means that the choice is so obvious, that you go with that.

you mean a no go?

well, the two major versions of python are not compatible, but the changes can be learned.


Thank you. That’s what I meant: a no-go.

Is there any benefit of learning Python2 if what I’ll be using at work soon is Python3? I understand OO because I’m proficient in Java. Is the difference this big that learning Python2 would be a waste of time? Or should I stick to Python3 and find it somewhere outside Codecademy?


if you already know java, i don’t think it matters what python version you learn. Learning differences should be easy then

the major difference between the two versions:

print vs print()
raw_input() vs input()

in python3, range(), filter() give back an iterable, not a list, that might be useful to know


Well you should learn python 2.7 and than python 3 there is difference but If you learn python 2.7 than you can learn python 3 easier on sites that teach it without code mirror and other things like here