Learn Python 3 - Write a function

Hi guys! I just started to learn Python and made it to the functions…and weird problems occured. So, I was following the instructions and tried to solve the problem. Since it is just the beginning it is still simple. But for some strange reason I had no luck.
The assignment was to write a function called loading_screen that prints “This page is loading…”
I typed def loading_screen():
print(“This page is loading…”)
and it just kept repeating that my code will not run. After several minutes of searching what could possibly gone wrong, I got angry and clicked Solution button just to be presented with solution identical to what I typed.
What is wrong with this???

Hello @ircorb5517452370! Welcom to the forum. There was an issue with the website that should be resolved now. Try it again, and let me know if you still have the same problem. See this post & thread:

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