Learn Python 3 "Thread Shed"

I’ve been stuck on this project for a couple of hours now and can’t see where I’m going wrong. I already gave up and copied the instructors code, letter by letter and still got the same problem.

When I get to step 9, ‘Print transactions_clean’, its prints but the source data has quadrupled! This causes issues with the remainder of the project.

Has anyone else experienced this?

They are a number of similar questions knocking around the forums if you have a search around (should my answer prove a little too cryptic). Perhaps the fact the data had been repeated could help you track down your bug. Are you using code designed to repeat certain tasks? Is there a specific part that repeats a task exactly four times?

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I’ve been staring at it so long the words are starting to melt together. Thank you for the reply, I’ll come back soon and look at it from a different angle.

FYI, I replaced the artifacts “;,;” by “@”
Did you get the following result for the following?

['Edith Mcbride @$1.21 @ white @ \n09/15/17 ', 'Herbert Tran @ $7.29@ \nwhite&blue@ 09/15/17 ',...]

[['Edith Mcbride ', '$1.21 ', ' white ', ' \n09/15/17 '], ['Herbert Tran ', ' $7.29', ' \nwhite&blue', ' 09/15/17 '], ...]

[['Edith Mcbride', '$1.21', 'white', '09/15/17'], ['Herbert Tran', '$7.29', 'white&blue', '09/15/17'],...]

You’re not alone, I struggle too :roll_eyes:. So you may want to ensure you achieved above result in order to proceed. Don’t give up :clap:

You may wanna check out:

Thank you both for the help. I’ve finally ticked that box and can move on.

Hi, I am @codeatharvmn, the person who created the topic you linked to, and thank you for linking to my topic! I remember that you replied to this topic, and you did not reply to what else I asked you, but I saw the project walkthrough video and moved on.

I got stuck again today, so I have a new topic. Can you come here?