"Learn Python 2, Section 3: Conditions and Control"

In “Learn Python 2, Section 3: Conditions and Control” on page 6 and the other pages, I believe the questions are supposed to challenge me on the value of the equations. It doesn’t matter if I put in “True and True” or “False and False” or the equation given. The solution to the page just has the equations copied and pasted into the page. It seems that this can never get an error, unless I put in a different category. I think this might be a technical difficulty with the lesson itself.

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For this exercise you have to assign the results of the boolean.

For ex: What is the result of False and False ?

Your answer is what bool_one is equal to. So, what is that result?

You have to work out the expression on both sides and then enter your answer.

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… in your head or with pencil and paper. The answers we give have been thought about without the aid of the computer. There is no getting around this set of problems. Ignore what they teach at your own peril. If this stuff doesn’t make sense, then you are in for some real trouble going forward. Logic is what programs use. Get where it all begins? Right here with these problems.


Yep, i recall that i wrote it down on paper or used comments in that lesson.

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