"Learn Python 2" course is going to be no longer available. Any free alternative to Python course?

Hi! I’m a high school teacher. I’ve been using “Learn Python 2” with my students last 2 years, and they did love it! I’ve heard that this course will be no longer available for free, and that means the end of the possibility of learning Python with Codecademy. Is that true? Could be any possibility to continue learning Python for free?

Thank you for this wonderful Codecademy web!

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I haven’t heard of any news about this (perhaps @lilybird or @alyssavigil can provide some input), but the Learn Python 2 course has been free for a while now, while the Learn Python 3 course requires a PRO subscription.

Codecademy recently launched its Student Centre, which includes the offer of free PRO for high school teachers in the US. You can find the Student Centre here, and at the bottom of the page, you will find more information on how you can get free PRO for high school classes using Clever.

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Hi there, @board8346995958. Welcome tot he forums! Python 2 will continue to remain free as @dr_victoria mentioned. Python 3 however is Pro only.