Learn Python 2 and Learn Python 3 courses

I’ve seen that you learn about lambda expressions in the Learn Python 2 course but why don’t you learn lambda expressions in the Learn Python 3 course? I know that the Python 3 course is better than / more newer than the Python 2 course. It would make sense that the Python 3 course has every information in the Python 3 course? I am confused. Note: have never taken the Python 2 course. I am not familiar about lambda expressions. I have still seen them before but I have never coded one before.

Lambda is still a part of Python so perhaps it should be mentioned in the Python3 course, if you’d like to make it as a suggestion there’s a part of the forums for this-

I don’t know if it influenced the decision but a few of the functional programming tools (lambda, filter, reduce etc.) were considered for removal with the introduction of Python3 (Guido himself was not overly fond of them). If you’re curious you can search around for this topic you’ll find a lot of historical discussion about it. Long story short they somewhat duplicate other options in Python.

In the end reduce was knocked out of the built-ins to the itertools module and others were kept in. You can work without them and you’ll find little use of filter in most Python3 but lambda is still knocking around.


I have made a suggestion on lambda expressions by creating a new topic on the forum link that you gave me.

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