Learn Python 2: 5: Pull it Together

So it says I am wrong with the error message:
hotel_cost(1) returned 0 instead of the correct value 140
140 is not the correct value!!
If you have a 1 day trip, you don’t need a hotel.


If you have a 10 day trip you also don’t need a hotel, because there are no nights in 10 days

(you’re saying that there is most definitely not a night component to a day)

IDK what you are talking about. I am just saying that for a 1 day trip, a hotel is not needed so my code should be correct. I just was reporting that I had found something that was not right.

What’s to say a day doesn’t include the night before or the night after or both?

The configuration of a day trip you have in your mind is not the only possible one.

If you talk about how many nights happen to exist between days, then, yes, that is 0, that doesn’t mean a trip doesn’t include a night, that’s something else.

As an example, if you chained two trips together, then you’re saying that you would not need hotel for your two 1-day trips.
Turns out, there’s one night for every day.
Another example would be if you arrive at night… or depart in the morning