Learn Phaser basics lessons refuse to verify code as correct for steps

I’m on the first lesson of the Phaser basics course and there have been several steps in the lesson where the instructions absolutely refused to recognize the input as correct. I was forced to just use the skip to the solution button to go further, and even when I reset the exercise and copy-pasted the solution on it, it would still refuse to say it was correct, so something seems to be definitely wrong there. Just a heads-up, hopefully this can be fixed and isn’t prevalent in the remaining phaser lessons.

On each step of the lesson this occurred it always already refused to recognize from the very first step of the instructions. It would often even mark it with a red X as soon as the exercise loaded without having even ran the code once.

I completed the Phaser course in the last week or so without any issues with code verification. Unless something changed with the tests they run in the last week, then it may be something else causing it. Switching to Firefox was required due to how the images were loaded in the browser pane for some of the lessons, though.

If you link to a specific exercise, I can reset it and see if the code still passes.

There’s been about 3 or 4, before it, but this would be one example:

I am doing them on Chrome, though, if that has any relevance to it.

I just reset that exercise and did it in Chrome. It passed all 3 steps fine.

What message are you getting? If you hit the Share Code button at the bottom and post the GitHub Gist link it generates, I can compare it to the code I have.

As soon as I reset the exercise it immediately fails the first instruction before I even run the code the first time, giving me the following prompt:

Did you load the given file by calling this.load.audio() with the key "incredible" ?

As you asked, here’s the link. For testing purposes I simply copypasted the solution’s code in there and it still won’t recognize as being correct:

After an exercise reset, the workspace always tries to run the first test for some reason, so you getting the failed test before the first run is no surprise.

I see what the problem is now, and it’s something that has popped up a couple times for people in other projects that I’ve helped on outside of the Phaser course within the last week or so. Definitely not your fault.

The URLs for the assets that get loaded in preload() don’t match between the automated tests that get run and the ones specified in the text of the exercise (or the solution code). They seem to be switching over to a branded URL but haven’t updated everything yet. Both URLs work (and likely resolve to the same destination), but the test looks for a specific one.

URL they provide in the text: https://content.codecademy.com/courses/learn-phaser/incredible.mp3
URL that the test accepts: https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-content/courses/learn-phaser/incredible.mp3

While it isn’t ideal, you can use this same format to convert any other URLs for failing tests until they update them. After you get past the exercises about loading assets, hopefully there won’t be as many times you need to convert the URL to the older format.

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