[Learn more] Categories help keep the forum tidy

You’ll see that this forum has four (4) categories, and each one has sub-categories. The titles of categories and a brief description of each one is below.

  1. Get Help: Ask questions, get help with an exercise or chat about your Codecademy coursework here.
  2. Community: Learn how the forums work, chat with other learners and find opportunities to practice your skills.
  3. Projects: Share your work and get feedback from the community.
  4. FAQs: These FAQs are on many of our most popular exercises; they are made for you, by us.

Get Help and FAQ categories are strictly for Q&A and code help.

The Community category is for chit-chatting with your peers, finding and posting coding resources, learning about community events, and more!

Using categories and subcategories for their intended purposes as we’ve laid out above is crucial to keeping these forums tidy.

Thank you!