Learn Markdown Resource: Markdown and Visual Studio Code

This resource points you to the following website:

I’ve been trying to install the markdown compiler using this line of code:

npm install -g markdown-it

but for some reason it isn’t working for me. This is what my problem looks like:

What should I do?


Hey dev8690524833
try sudo

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Hey @usernamegiapreso. Thanks for the reply! I am looking at this right now. So if I install this and run npm install -g markdown-it again, it should work now?

Are you working on a Mac? It looks like you don’t have the admin rights for the folder, you’re trying to install to. That means you should change the ownership for that folder. Have a look at this:

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I’m not sure how Apple products work, however if the terminal is the same as in Unix you need to run the command as super user (admin):
sudo npm install -g markdown-it
However your user must be in the sudo group in order to be able to run that command. Also, you need to insert the sudo password, which may be the password you use to login to your account I imagine if you haven’t set a different one.
Try this, you could not be able to change ownership of some folders without admin privileges.

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