Learn JQuery: Event Handlers -> Event Handlers -> Chaining Events Page Error Message

Hi All,

I’m experiencing a little issue with the the “Learn jQuery” course.
Everything was working fine, up until I’ve reached “Mouse Events” lesson.

The lesson was working as usual, and then all of the sudden on the “chaining events” page, I got the below notification.
I’ve tried both refreshing the page, and clearing my browsers cache, but to no effect.
Anyone knows a solution for this?

I’m also having this same problem. Put in a ticket, kinda bummed I can’t finish this lesson!

Hello and welcome to the forums @t1mg0897617536 and @amadeo1494 !

I’ve just tested it myself and it seems to be an issue for me too, I’ve filled out a report for it so hopefully it should be fixed fairly soon, although of course given it’s the weekend we would likely have to wait a little while for the working week to come around.

For now it’s probably best (if you haven’t already) just to skip over it and come back once a fix is in place.

Happy coding! :smile: