Learn JavaScript rock, paper, scissors project

I am working on the JS rock paper scissors game and I am stuck on a concept that I think has to do with my getComputerChoice function. Everything appeared to be working until I finished the project. When I run the game, it appears as though the computer is choosing 'UNDEFINED" every time. I have confirmed that my number generator is working as intended so I think it must have to do with my return statements. I cannot figure out what is going wrong. I originally had an “else” statement in the determine winner function that would accidentally allow “UNDEFINED” as an option for the computer choice so the game would say the user lost. I fixed that problem and it narrowed down to this. Any feedback is appreciated. My game’s code looks like this:

////////////////////////////////////////////////////// const getUserChoice = userInput =>{ userInput = userInput.toLowerCase(); if (userInput != 'rock' && userInput != 'paper' && userInput != 'scissors'){ console.log('Error: Please use rock, paper, or scissors.')} else{ return userInput } }; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// function getComputerChoice() { let rng = Math.floor(Math.random()*3); switch (rng) { case rng === 0: return 'rock' break case rng === 1: return 'paper' break case rng === 2: return 'scissors' break } } ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// function determineWinner(userChoice,computerChoice){ if (userChoice === computerChoice){ console.log('the game was a tie.') } else if (userChoice === 'paper'){ if (computerChoice === 'rock') {console.log('USER WINS!')} else if(computerChoice === 'scissors') {console.log ('USER LOSES')} } else if (userChoice === 'scissors'){ if (computerChoice === 'rock') {console.log('USER LOSES!')} else if (computerChoice === 'paper') {console.log ('USER WINS')} } else if (userChoice === 'rock'){ if (computerChoice === 'scissors') {console.log('USER WINS!')} else if (computerChoice === 'paper') {console.log ('USER LOSES')} } } ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// function playGame(){ let userChoice = getUserChoice('rock') console.log(`The player choses ${userChoice}`) let computerChoice = getComputerChoice() console.log (`Computer choses ${computerChoice}`) determineWinner(userChoice, computerChoice) } playGame()

in your switch statement block:
case rng === 0:
should be
case 0:
and similarly for the other cases.
(because rng === 0 would give you true or false, and it would check whether rng matches that, instead of checking whether rng is 0).

You are the bomb!!!
thank you for this.

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