Learn JavaScript: Requests

Hi, I’m new here and new to programming. The first 3/4s of the Intro to JavaScript course was really great, and In had no trouble understanding it. I get to Requests and suddenly everything is going over my head. It feels like a lot of information was skipped and they just expect you to know things. I have no idea what an API is or XHR or AJAX or ‘json’. They kind of just toss you in head first and expect you to know whats going on. A little help? I’m really lost here.

Yes, the focus shifts from the Javascript language itself to the practical application of JavaScript (what we can do with javascript)

that can be quite a step.

This article covers it nicely:


there are plenty of good articles out there, which you can read

start with understanding HTTP, servers and clients.

Hi there, I currently do the Front-End-Web-App-Intensive course and I agree with nameles36. It makes an huge jump. Also to do the integrated project Wanderlust seems to be insurmountable for me.
I am already more than nervous if can handle the project with review. At the moment i would say no.

codecademy did already the same on the intensive Build-Websites-From-Scratch. You can handle 3/4 of the course. sometimes a bit challenging but you can. at the last unit with Bootstrap, JS and jQuery and the last project i gave up. It was so much to hard, i even didn’t understand the instructions.

and now on my second course, it is the same. you can handly 3/4 of the course and at the end totally not.
Thats SO!!! frustrating, at least i payed 200$ for that!
I will never pay anything at codecademy anymore.

i am just helping out on the forum, trying to help learners (for free!!), so this rant shouldn’t be towards me.

Yes, the pro-intensive courses have a higher level the free-content, some people can handle it, other people would be better of with some prepwork.