Learn JavaScript 7/8 has been moved

In JavaScript when you come to 7/8 and want to start with that one it says that it has been relocated to it´s original location.
I have been trying to find it without any luck.
Someone that know what needs to be done here please?

Thanks in advance


Hi @skevare!

Mind posting a picture of the issue, and a link to what you’re trying to access?

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Hi 852orion.

Yes, sure thing :slight_smile:

The link: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-javascript/lessons/introduction-to-javascript/exercises/comments?action=lesson_resume


Hi 825orion,

Just writing again in case that you haven´t seen my first reply!
I´ll post the picture and the link again :slight_smile:


As you see in the picture, i can access the step 7/8, but i cannot do this step as it has been moved to another location.

Hi again @skevare,

Sorry I didn’t see your previous post. I don’t know why this would be
happening for you. Try scrolling through the instructions to see if they
say anything. If necessary, try clicking the folder icon and selecting
the appropriate JavaScript file to edit.


The first picture was not the best one!

See this one im posting now, it tells what the issue is as well!
It says that i need to like moce back “commentsjs” to it´s original location, there is no explanation in the instructions regarding this.

@skevare It looks like the file system had a small problem, just click the “Reset Files” button and it should start working again :slight_smile: