Learn Java: Methods: Review (Completely Confused)

Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could give me a hand with this methods in java. I am working on the revision and I cant break down the question and translate it into how the code should work, If anyone is interested in helping me, the best form of contact would be twitter @200IQROYBOI, please contact me there!

Thank you

You can think of your main() method as being the place where all the action takes place in the very end. But first, you have to define what those actions are and what kind of functionality they have.

Just like you did a public void checkBalance(), you want to create things like public void deposit(), public int withdraw() etc.

Unfortunately if people reply to you on twitter you will not get the best feedback. For example, there could be a nuance I’m completely missing in my explanation and somebody can pass by and improve my comment (or add additional useful information).

Ok I see, but Im pretty sure the first criteria is only asking for checkBalance, in that case, what would I need to keep adding onto my code?

You already wrote a checkBalance() method.

You might want to test if it actually works and troubleshoot that (typos, or imprecise variables).

For example in the code there is this line:

System.out.println("Your balance is "+savings.balance);

but is savings defined anywhere?

Also note how the example has a line break. You may have to account for that as well.