Learn Java Lesson 12, Problem 5

I was having some trouble with the last part of this lesson.

 public class Generalizations {
	public static void main(String[] args) {

		int awesomeLevel = 121;	
		//This website is awesome!
   boolean isComplete = true;
   int epicLevel = awesomeLevel * 2;

is what it currently shows. It’s telling me to uncomment the last line of code, and I just needed a little help with this part. Thanks!

I’m fairly sure it wants you to uncomment, or remove the // or /* */ from some code most likely the call to println.

Note you will need to move the println to the bottom for it to work.

Hey @netrockstar31749! Remember to uncomment the lines and delete the line that says This website is awesome! Also put the print below where you initalize a variable called epicLevel so it actually prints something! Hope this helped!