Learn Intermediate JavaScript - Wanderlust: Foursquare API depreciated since November 2021

wanderlust project

The Foursquare API “explore venue” endpoint was depreciated about 3 months ago. The project cannot be completed according to instructions.

Is an update in development?

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Yup! There’s an update to the project releasing on January 12th (two days time as of this post) that will port the project over to using the new v3 of the Foursquare API so you could just wait until that is released to complete the project.

On the other hand however the ability to read through, and understand, documentation is a really important skill for a developer to have so if you wanted this would be a great opportunity to practice that skill. The project can still be completed, it would just require you to deviate from the instructions by reading through the Foursquare API documentation and updating it where necessary. If you were willing to, this is probably what I would suggest trying to do, it may be more difficult but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as it will give you some important practice :slightly_smiling_face:.

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