Learn Intermediate JavaScript 'Unfinished'?

Am I the only person who feels that the Learn Intermediate JavaScript course from Codecademy is somewhat incomplete? I’ve done a few Codecademy courses, and this is my second stretch using Pro. I’ve decided to really focus on JavaScript this time around and get beyond beginner level. The problem is that the course follows the usual CC methodology for a while, but then from about the ‘Error handling’ module onwards seems to just be articles to read (with a few unmarked ‘Free response’ questions at the end).

It’s not that the content wouldn’t lend itself to something more interactive, and I’m really left with the feeling that they never quite found the time to finish making the course. It’s jarring to switch from what’s generally quite a hands-on approach to learning, to then something that’s basically: ‘Read this and try to remember it’.

Interesting. I’m an engineer that works for universal. I’m going to take the course for the first time, afterward I can let you know.

PS you may want to pin a team of Codecademy so that you can get your answer from them