Learn Intermediate JavaScript: Debugging Memory Issues in JavaScript

This is regarding the Free Response item at the end of Part Two

I am kinda flummoxed here. First, this is asking for a different developer tool, right? The performance tab, rather than the memory tab we had been reading about. I did the recording but I don’t know how to interpret the results.

Is it correct that I should know I would get the error " Forced reflow is a likely performance bottleneck"? That seems like a leap. Also, I know we haven’t spoken about CSS, so how would I know to fix “flex” and “relative” positioning?

I guess I don’t have a question. I guess I just skip and carry on. Did I miss something somewhere? Or will this be explained later in more detail? Are there prerequisites besides the Learn JavaScript course? Did anyone else find this as jarring as I did?

Thanks in advance !

Since we are largely dealing with memory issues in the browser then we must take it as a matter of all the APIs using and consuming memory that varies with on demand behaviors. For this, simply understanding JavaScript is not enough. We must understand HTML and CSS as equal partners in the process.

If you have not taken HTML and CSS then one suggests pausing your study of JS and return to it as new implementations are learned relating to the user interface and user interaction. HTML is largely static, CSS is mostly static and JS is dynamic. They are all codependent in the overall user experience we are attempting to create.

Hey hi! Thanks for the reply.
I actually have used lots of CSS. (I worked a lot making Jekyll sites. So SCSS as well.) But never once thought about the memory it takes! I would definitely like to know more about that.

What really was just odd to me here was that there was a leap to another developer tab that wasn’t mentioned yet.

Thanks – I was frustrated, and it was nice to be heard :slight_smile:

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Forgive my presumptiveness, my bad. As for the leap, one may take it in stride. I cannot speak for the creators of the courseware, and tbh have more or less retired on the going concern front. This is a bit beyond beginner/immediate level which is where I spend my time and energy, now. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. Keep us posted with any new developments in pursuit of the answer to your question. We would like to hear about it.

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In the same topic there were multiple quizzes, and one of the quiz topic was about detached elements.

Even though the CA responses mentioned that there were no detached elements in the memory profiler

Could someone please provide an explanation behind this dissonance?