Learn Intermediate Java. Learn Java is not its only prerequisite, is it?

Folks, I have an issue with the Learn Intermediate Java course. I hoped it would be a continuation of Learn Java, but it seems to be built on something more than that! Besides, it contain at least one inaccuracy. A few examples (I just started it)

  • In 1.2 Codecademy says: “System.out.println() prints output to a new line.” No, it doesn’t! It prints and then adds a new line. What is written in parentheses is not necessarily “printed to a new line”

  • In the same section, it told me to “import the Java IO class” which I hadn’t been taught (it would teach me to do so in 1.4)

  • In 1.3, I was asked to use the .next() method which I hadn’t been taught

  • In 1.4, I was asked to “throw an IOException”. They had taught me what an exception is in Learn Java, but not what “throwing” an exception means and why and how I am supposed to do it

  • In 1.4, Codecademy writes this piece of code. Why should i be (not) equal to -1? What is (char), exactly? Not the datatype itself, but putting it in front of a variable in parenthese

int i = 0;
// A loop to access each character
while((i = inputFile.read()) != -1) {
// Printing each character as it’s reached

I don’t know, I’m a bit disappointed at this sloppiness. Any thoughts?..

Yea, I had to look some stuff up online for those lessons too;
I agree that some of those lessons expect you to know stuff that wasn’t in the “Introduction to Java” course.

And in 3.2, they used “it’s” instead of “its” :man_facepalming:. It just gives away their lack of care during the preparation of the course (so it’s not just a typo to me)

Call System.out.println() to print wordContainers data field using it’s getter.

Call System.out.println() to print bookContainers data field using it’s getter.

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