Learn Image Map

i find this a really important thing to know when studying HTML. Since i finished the course without even know about that and i’m in the path of being a web developer i think it’s something i wanna learn. Will it be part of the course later or you just skipped and i need to learn it by myself elsewhere?

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There are quiet a few subjects that are not included in the HTML course.
I believe this to be because they don’t want to overload new users, and are mostly just providing the basics.

The lessons would also be incredibly long if they included every element in HTML, especially since some are rarely used.

I find if you find you need an element that is not covered in the HTML lessons, one of the best places to check for information on it is the MDN web documents. I believe every HTML and CSS element can be found on their website.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums.

As @8-bitgaming has mentioned, the HTML course here on Codecademy isn’t intended to provide you with an exhaustive introduction to every possible element that is included in the specification.

Rather, it equips you with an understanding of the fundamentals and - hopefully - enough know-how to look up other elements of interest and be able to use them.

As it happens, the <map> element is not a particularly complicated one. There’s a good explanation of it on Mozilla’s developer docs:


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thanks for your answers guys. my only concern was, since i am in the web developer career path, that i won’t able to actually be well prepared at the end of the course to start to find a job but only as you said enough know-how to look up other elements of interest and be able to use them.

Pay close attention to accessibility when implementing Image Maps.