Learn HTML: Tables - Spanning Columns - Why is this wrong?

I am on Step 7/13 on the Tables module of the 'Learn HTML course…

The instruction is “In index.html, span a <td> element across two columns.”

Can anybody tell me why this is wrong. I have looked over this ten times, and I think it’s right!? So confused…

Code is as follows (see attached screenshot.):

  <td colspan='2'>Davie's Burgers</td>
  <td>Send Invoice</td>


try using quotation marks around 2? it might not approve the use of apostrophes.

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But the result in the right hand side shows the element spanning correctly across two columns?

Okay so that actually worked, it shows the correct result on the page, but gives an error in the code… as a learner that is just super confusing.

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yes, but the exercise uses regular expression for exercise validation, which might not like the apostrophe

look, i am only here on the forum to help, i am not going into a discussion about codecademy’s way of exercise validation.

I’m not expecting you to, just sharing an observation…

Thanks for your input.

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