Learn HTML: Tables 7/13

I do not understand the question in the lesson about tables. Its about spanning columns. I didn’t do anything and its already market as done.

How can I overspan a column with these Heading en data?

What code do i Need to place and where?


@rikstieg Read the instructions. They tell you where and how to place it. But here is what you need to do.

Use this code:


Put that like this:

<td colspan="2"></td>

Replace that with any of the <td> elements in the code. Be sure to keep the same content as before though.

(@mtf Is this wrong of me?)

Hope this helps!

~ @StevenCopeland

Not really, though it would be preferred we knew what lesson this is so a proper follow up could be done and directions given accordingly. The screenshot is of no value in the opening post. As you mention, it is in the instructions so we need to determine what part of the lesson is puzzling the OP.

<th scope="cole"> ???

That would be our first clue of misunderstood lessons.


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