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Here i am stuck on #3 of the fashion blog section. 2nd page out of 17. I read the hint but still am stuck. Could anyone please show me the solution?

Hi, there!

I just want to make sure we’re talking about the same step.

Within the <head> tags, add a <title> element. Title the website “Everyday with Isa”.

Is this the step you are referring to? If so, steps 1 and 2 would have your HTML as so:

<!DOCTYPE html>


Step 3 is asking you to create the <title> element that gets nested within the <head> element with the words, “Everyday with Isa” in between the opening and closing tags.

Does that make sense?

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Yes you are on the right step (#3). What would be the solution?

Can you provide what you tried to submit? Let’s help you understand why you’re not passing this particular step as opposed to just giving you the answer.

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Everyday with Isa