Learn HTML first project

Hello guys,

I have just finished the first project on the HTML curse, but I can’t seem to get it running on the preview page on the right.

Does anyone know how to do it, in order to see if everything is right?

Hi tera,

Could you share a link to the project you’re doing?

Yes, of course
It’s this one: https://www.codecademy.com/paths/front-end-engineer-career-path/tracks/fecp-22-fundamentals-of-html/modules/wdcp-22-learn-html-structure/projects/html-fashion-blog

Ah, Fashion Blog.

You’re saying that your HTML is not appearing in the localhost? If so–try refreshing the page or hitting save a few times. See if that jumpstarts the page to load!

I have tried it several times, I even logged out and login again.
I wanted to see is everything was ok with it


Would you be willing to upload a screenshot of the page?–Otherwise, I’d recommend reporting a possible issue with the “Get Unstuck” option in the top right corner of your learning screen.

Yes, no problem :slight_smile:

Here you have the print

I have also submitted the Bug

I’m sorry, I should have asked you to paste your HTML sooner. Take a look at this:

  <title>Everyday with Isa<titl/>

Once the small issue with your <head> is fixed, the page should display for you.

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OMG Thank you so much
ahaha can’t believe it :rofl:

Without you I wouldn’t get it

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