Learn HTML: Elements and Structure Same Page 15/17

Hey, fellows i have problem with unordered list on this stint,
Same Page
At this point, we have all the content we want on our page. Since we have so much content, it doesn’t all fit on the screen. How do we make it easier for a user to jump to different portions of our page?

When users visit our site, we want them to be able to click a link and have the page automatically scroll to a specific section.

In order to link to a target on the same page, we must give the target an id, like this:

<p id="top"> This is the top of the page! </p>
<h1 id="bottom">This is the bottom! </h1>

In this example, the <p> element contains id of top and the <h1> element contains id of bottom. An id can be added to most elements on a webpage.

An id should be descriptive to make it easier to remember the purpose of a link. The target link is a string containing the # character and the target element’s id.

  <li><a href="#top">Top</a></li>
  <li><a href="#bottom">Bottom</a></li>

In the example above, the links to <p id="top"> and <h1 id="bottom"> are embedded in an ordered list. These links appear in the browser as a numbered list of links. This is why we have been adding ids to our divs all along!

So excusemua, of course im glad about studies, but it feels like some kind a mistaking, not to explain properly, but “joint stock montana” on everywhere to waste time on thinking, short and concrete :slight_smile:

i have read it 3 times, but still not understanding the question. I made a simplified example here:


and it seems to work fine, clicking the links will jump to top and bottom of the page

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