Learn HTML: Elements and Structure 14/17

I’m struggling to understand instruction 2 in this exercise which states:

"Under the link to index.html, add an anchor tag that links to aboutme.html using a relative path. The link should say About Me.

Click the link to make sure it works!"

I added the code, and the link works (it opens the ‘About Me’ tab. I’ve tried changing the style of the About Me to

but that didn’t fix it.

Sometimes I’m being dense, but occasionally I’ve been left stranded with bugs in some exercises.

All advice is much appreciated. 25

You don’t want to use headings as links. The links are to those pages of the site.

    <a href="./index.html">Brown Bear</a>
    <a href="./aboutme.html">About Me</a>

See the aboutme tab for this example, as well.


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Thank you very much. I see where I went wrong.

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