Learn HTML & CSS: Part I Currently on: IDs, & Divs. 2/12


Having trouble understanding this basic part, where do I put this ID from this question?

In index.html, add an ID to the <div> nested inside of the first

element. The ID should be set to header-text.

Note: Don't focus on understanding the <div> element just yet, we'll cover it later in this lesson.

<div class="header">
   <div> <!--Add an id to this div -->
      <h1>Travel Like Never Before</h1
      <h2>Whether you're looking for adventure or luxury, let us help you plan your perfect getaway.</h2


Like class, id is an attribute and written in the tag with one space before it.

<div id="header-text">

Unlike script, where white space around operators is encouraged, in HTML we do not have that practice.


Thanks, I must have been really tired yesterday to miss that one.