Learn HTML & CSS: Part I and HTML & CSS

Both of these courses are available on codecademy, and it says “HMTL & CSS” will be removed this summer. Should I still do that course, or is “Learn HTML & CSS: Part I” basically the same thing?
For someone that wants to learn those two languages, which one is better?
Thank you.

Learn them both. If you complete the old track, you will not lose your progress or badges earned. We can use all the practice we can get so don’t be afraid to pour yourself into both old and new material.


That is true! I think I’ve done a big percentage of the older one in another account some time ago, but I’ll do it again and then the new one. Thank you.

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Yeah, do both like @mtf said, but be careful because I believe there are a few problems in that course, and obviously that won’t be fixed because it’s an old course. Also, because it has the old interface, it is seen as “harder” by some users, because it’s “less step-by-step”, compared to the new ones, but I’m sure you’ll get through it :wink: