Learn HTML & CSS: Part I 9/9 Review Structure



When I follow the instructions and press "Run" nothing happens, the "run" button just reloads and the intruction box doesn't show anything (neither the Red if its incorrect, nor green if its correct, it just stays white ) im stuck on the third instruction > Add a head to the web page. You can see in my code that I have added head, but nothing happens .

<!DOCTYPE html>


Could be a bug.

Try restarting the entire exercise, or try using another browser for this one.


Hello, I tried everything, restarted the exercise, used the different browser and even created new account and tried it there, restarted my PC nothing helps, this is bothering me very much I want to continue the exercise but other topics are blocked because codeacademy won't let me pass this exercise ... Can you please try and solve this first 9 steps in html and css part 1? it will take 5-10 minutes .


From what I understood is that the console is loading but it never gets loaded and thats seems to block the run button to execute or something ... please help


What's puzzling me is that you were fine until you reached instruction 3.

Try executing the next steps (even if they're still gray), see what happens. I used to do that for certain exercises, if you complete all the steps at once, it sometimes just completes the exercise and you're through.

Try that?


Wow, it let me execute the first 5 steps, but I don't really understand why the sixth step seems to be a problem


oh, it worked after a restart, :slight_smile: thank you my friend you're a good person :grinning:


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