Learn HTML & CSS Part 1

I have tried lots of ways but i couldn’t find what do i need to do to pass this section. Can someone help me about this issue?

I am always taking this error “Did you link the stylesheet?”


You need to add a link tag. Please post your code and we will tell you what is wrong.

We do not like posting correct answers.

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In your section add: < link href="/style.css" type=“text/css” rel=“stylesheet” >
Hope you find this helpful.

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how do you add a link tag? my screen doesnt even have a style sheet available

You need to add this line of code to the head part of the index.html file:

<link  href="" type="" rel="">

Please remember that you have to add correct values to the attributes (href, type, rel).

Here is what I put and it still doesn’t work:

Ah, never mind. Read the instructions literally. It’s pretty misleading because earlier in the lessons, they tell you to link to a URL unless you have a .css in the same directory, in which case you can simply link to “style.css” as in the previous lesson. In this lesson, there is no “style.css” tab so one naturally assumes the link code is correct (with the obvious exceptions). Lame.

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