Learn HTML & CSS done: What is the next course?

(I am unsure, if this is the right section to ask this question)

I started Codecademy to learn HTML & CSS
How can I deepen and especially expand my knowledge in this language?
What is the next course to do, because I can’t find another one for HTML & CSS, that is not old.

I have these courses already:
Learn HTML & CSS
Learn JavaScript: Introduction
Learn Responsive Design
Learn JavaScript
Learn Sass

By the way I do not have Codecademy Pro.
Thanks for your help!

Why not build something (a website) to improve your skill? Use MDN as documentation, i think building something (from scratch) with what you just learned is more valueable then another course right now


Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile: I will try that. But there is no continuative course at codecademy?

the Jquery focuses on using Jquery library to use JS to manipulate html DOM, which can be used to make your website more interactive.

For the rest, who knows what will come in the further. At the moment, not yet

i can also highly recommend freecodecamp to improve your html, css and JS knowledge


Make some CodeBits! They’ll let you make your own stuff from scratch. I really suggest it!

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