Learn HTML: Basics, Lesson 12, simple question

I am taking the Learn HTML course as my first coding course ever. I noticed after the lesson for tables you come across lesson 12: Styling with CSS.

It reads:

"The code in the example above demonstrates just some of the various table aspects you can style using the CSS properties you learned about earlier."

I have not taken the CSS course before and have no knowledge of CSS. I understand the HTML course had CSS included in it before from what I have found looking through the forums and also the notification that pops up when you go into the Learn HTML course.

My question is, is CSS is a prerequisite to learning HTML? Should I go and start Learn CSS then come back to HTML or continue with this HTML course? I can’t seem to understand anything in the text and it mentions that I have learned it in the past. I am positive I didn’t skip anything.

I’m not sure if I will come across things in CSS that would refer me to something else that I do not know so some advice would be very helpful here on how to proceed! Thanks.

i think you should learn them both at the same time, they are very closely related. This is also the reason why the course used t be integrated, i haven’t heard why they are now separate courses

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Thanks. I will start the CSS course now, and come back to the HTML course.

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