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Hello everyone, I have just finished Display and Positioning in Learn How to Build Websites Skill Path and I don’t know what I can do at this point. I just want to stop and make some simple websites based on what I have learned so far until I get some confidence before starting In “Responsive Design”, what do you advise me to do? (Note: I want many different options) Thank you …

Hi there,
When I finished that section, it was helpful to go ahead and do a project on my own. I didn’t do a lot, but it was enough to feel like I have a grasp of what I’ve learned so far. After that I started, and am about to finish the responsive design module. There are things I already want to go back and change on the project I made based on what i learned in the module. I think I’ll go back and improve on my work now that I’ve learned more.
Since Codecademy is a learn at your own pace program, I think its up to your comfort level. In my regular job I have some experience in teaching, and I do find it helps people learn if they review from time to time. Hopefully, this perspective will help you decide. Have fun!


How about a Challenge Project?

The Build Your Own Cheatsheet project should be achievable for you, based on what you’ve completed studying so far.

It’s a good way to apply what you’ve learned about how to compose an HTML document, and would give you practice in linking and using a stylesheet. You’ve also got the option of using semantic HTML elements.

If that doesn’t take your fancy (or you don’t have a Pro subscription), some other ideas for you:

  • Make an HTML resumé,
  • Make a “blog post” page about a topic that interests you - like a favourite movie / TV show?
  • See if you can re-create a Bootstrap template from scratch, without using Bootstrap.
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I have already finished “Build Your Own Cheatsheet” project at an earlier stage, maybe you mean Build a Website Design System. It might be a good option for applying all concepts I have learned so far. I will also think a lot about the options that you mentioned below, which seem more motivating and interesting. Thank you…

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I agree with you. We need to review what we learned from time to time. And the best thing here is to do some personal projects at every stage, even if they are small, they can be developed in the future as we learn more because it is a cumulative process. So I will try to do one or more projects based on what I have learned so far. I found this link helpful to get some good ideas: Top 10 Projects For Beginners To Practice HTML and CSS Skills. Here are also some good ideas for all levels: Web Development Projects. And thepitycoder has other good ideas.

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No, I meant the “Build Your Own Cheatsheet” project but if you’ve already done it then the “Build a Website Design System” project works equally well. :slight_smile:

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Ok, I will try to finish it, thanks.

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