LEARN HANDLEBARS Combining "If" and "Each"


im sorry but i couldn’t find any better tag.

const source = document.getElementById('languagesTemp').innerHTML;
const template = Handlebars.compile(source);

const context = {
  languages: [
      name: 'HTML',
      modern: true
      modern: true
      name: 'JavaScript',
      modern: true,

const compiledHtml = template(context);

const displayGoals = document.getElementById('goals');
displayGoals.innerHTML = compiledHtml;

Error: Did you add a modern property to all of the objects in the array value of languages ?



could you share the url (in the address bar) here in this topic? So we can access the lesson


This exercise is bugged. I have done it just a couple of hours ago, and the only way to finish it is by getting the solution. Even the answer of the solution is deemed wrong by the exercise, so there is certainly a bug in there!


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