Learn Git: Workflow 6/8


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Every time I try a new commit it tells me this —> fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent direc
tories): .git ----- and then asks me if I have commited it to the repository. HELP!

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Did you navigate to the directory where the repository is?
Where is it (supposed to be) and where are you currently?

I don’t know! The screen I show in that first message is what I’ve been staring at for 2 days and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong!

How can you find out?

I don’t know!!! I can’t remember ever having to switch to something else before commiting something

In a graphical environment there are usually very limited options, typically those options are all valid and it’s kinda hard to get things wrong and if you just click everything you might just get lucky.

Here, you need to have decided what it is you want to do at any point in time. So if you agree with me that you will need to navigate to the repository before issuing commands, then what you’ll need to know is where to be and where you are and how to eliminate that distance.

Do you remember where you created the repository? Your graphical file explorer in the screenshot is showing that location. You need to be there.

Where are you currently? Is there a command for finding that out?

And then when you have the difference, then there’s some command for doing that traversal.

You may not immediately know the solution, but you have to start by deciding what information you need, and then you can go about finding that information.

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