"Learn Git" Is Down. Course Is Current Inaccessible!

Hello, Codecademy.
I have not been able to access the git course for a while now. I always get an error screen saying something went wrong. It’s important to me to learn git now as I’m currently learning other courses and trying to familiarise myself with Github. Please look into it as soon as possible. Thanks!

It seems to be working for me. Is there a particular part of it that isn’t working? If so could you post a link to it? Perhaps it could be something on your end, like a browser extension?

I’m not sure what browser extension could be causing it. I cannot access the git course AT ALL. I’m currently taking other courses (Java, HTML, React etc) just fine without problems, just Git.
I thought it was a problem from Codecademy because it said in the message above as you can see “We’re sorry and we’re working our best to fix this…”.

I find it curious because when I clear the cache, I can see the git home page(Screenshot attached below), but the moment I log in, I get that error message. I am a Pro User.