Learn Git&GitHub Portfolio project problem

In the class I am taking (Learn Git & GitHub) there is a portfolio project that is asking me to contribute to Codecademy Docs. I understand practicing the way we use Git & GitHub, but there is not anything I could possibly contribute. This is my first ever class (after learning the command line) and I am completely lost as I do not know any programming languages and don’t want to add some unrelated information just for the sake of completing the project. What do I do?

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I can’t believe no one has answered you in 30 days…
I am going thru the same problem.

I chose an issue and I am resolving it.
But it has been a 2 week long back and forth to try and get the code example right…

Because I don’t know what I am writing about and the person revising it does not tell me the answer.

I guess I can see the value of researching and trying your best to solve an issue, and I am learning Git and Github for sure.
With daily commits and pushes…

But I feel this has been going on for too long and has become a waste of time.
Both for me (I would like to go back to learning) and the person trying to help me.

But I am not sure where to for help.

Best of luck.

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Thanks for getting back to me, happy to hear it is not just me :slight_smile:
I have abandoned it for a while until i get more knowledge in one of the other areas.

I feel like this should be brought up for revision in the curriculum - beginner learners can not contribute to the Docs at this point. It may have been more possible in the beginning, but now it’s just frustrating, because you realize you can technically do it, but can’t come up with good meaningful information to contribute.

Hope you get your code straightened soon!

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Hey good to hear from you.
And good idea, I will mention it at the end of the course.

And thanks! I am moving forward and hopefully will get the contribution in soon :pray:

Best of luck.

Hi both, I’m having the same issue. I’m glad I’m not alone.
How did you proceed through this project?