Learn From Home Event - Wed May 13th

Wow! Have you guys heard about this event by Codecademy? Sounds like lots of fun and packed with useful info! Follow this link (https://news.codecademy.com/learn-from-home-day-schedule/) to check out the schedule and to register for it. Here is an overview:

10:45am (15 min): Warm welcome from Alyssa and Codecademy CEO Zach Sims
11:00am (25 min): Improving Your Whole Self, Keynote with Jerry Colonna
11:30am (25 min): Fireside Chat on Startups with Y Combinator
12:00pm (25 min): Cooking with Food52
12:30pm (25 min): Parenting during the Pandemic with Fatherly
1:00pm (25 min): Make a Track with Splice
1:30pm (55 min): Streaming Best Practices with Twitch
2:30pm (25 min): Mindfulness and Meditation with Headspace
3:00pm (25 min): Learn How to Network with brunchwork
3:30pm (25 min): Drawing for Inner Calm with SkillShare
4:00pm (25 min): Learn a Language with Duolingo
4:30pm (55 min): Learn to Code with Codecademy
5:30pm (25 min): Sleeping Well with Casper & Dr. Frank Lipman
6:00pm (15 min): Closing and Next Steps with Codecademy

Hope to see you all there!

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I have never watched one of these, are they done entirely through YouTube?

I think they change the format from one event to the next. I was in one where we broke out into groups based on topics. This one seems to be more of a all-day panels and presentations with experts and professionals in different tech fields.

Were should I go to find out were I am supposed to watch?

Event info says they’ll be live on Twitch and YouTube!
Here’s the YouTube link: