Learn CSS: Typography

Good day guys , im stuck on Exercise 15/19 of Learn CSS: Typography
Here is the link : https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-css-typography/lessons/css-typography/exercises/linking-fonts-ii?action=resume_content_item&course_redirect=learn-css

  1. A single linked font, using Droid Serif as an example:

My Question: Where did the link came from as this is what i am currently seeing on the Google Fonts page, there is no link whatsoever…

Appreciate your help.

Anyone out there? Bumpz


I think re-watching the video in Excercise 14 will explain how you get to this.


Once you’ve gone through the steps in the video, you can copy the link by returning to the “embed” section of the pop-up in Google Fonts and copying the link.

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